Digitrax DB150 Command Station - Booster - AutoReverser

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  • Model: DB150
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  • Manufactured by: DIGITRAX

DB150 Command Station /Booster:

Use as a Command Station, 5 Amp Booster or Auto-Reverser.

  • Full LocoNet Capabilities. DB150 gives you the ultimate in expandability!

    Up to 22 throttles in command station mode.

    Use with any LocoNet throttle (DT400 series, DT300 series, DT100 series, DT200, UT2, UT1, BT2, Computer throttle, LocoPalm Throttle and new Digitrax UT4.

  • Built in broadcast write only programmer. Genesis uses Paged Programming method exclusively.

  • Built in 5 Amp Digital Command Control Booster Rated at 80VA.

  • Many command station options are user customizable.

    Accepts either 50/60Hz AC or DC input. Minimum input voltage: 12V AC or DC, Maximum input voltage: 22V AC or 28V DC. The power supply you use should be within this range and should be overload protected for a maximum output of 4.5 amps DC.

    Auto resetting over temperature & short circuit protection.

**NOTE: A separate power supply is required.

MSRP is $179.00. (Picture courtesy of Digitrax, Inc.)

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