Sound and Decoder Installations

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We offer installations of sound/DCC in HO and larger Non-Brass locomotives. We are happy to evaluate N scale installations on an individual basis.

Cost is based on time involved and, of course, any parts required, including sound/regular decoder(s). Some examples of common parts are resistors, bulbs, micro connectors, speakers, etc. Our rate is $20.00 per hour with a $10.00 minimum. The majority of sound installations can be completed in under 4 hours and regular DCC decoders 2 hours or under. Any modifications to the frame or body shell normally add significantly to the time it takes to finish the job. We will be happy to furnish an estimate upon receiving your loco(s). All shipping costs to and from our shop are paid by the customer. Please communicate with us before sending a loco by calling John at (970) 586-3161 or emailing . Not all locomotives are good candidates to be converted to DCC or DCC sound.