Lenz Digital Plus Set 100

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  • Model: Lenz60100
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  • Manufactured by: LENZ
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Set-100 includes an LH100 dispatchers throttle, an LZV100 Command/Power Station and easy to read manuals.

The Set-100 supports 31 handhelds, 4 digit addressing, all forms of programming, layout control feedback, advanced consisting, control of 256 locomotives and 1024 turnouts, and all 28 NMRA DCC functions (F1-F28 plus F0 forward and F0 reverse).

The LH100 included with the Set-100 can also create momentary functions on a per function per locomotive basis. XpressNet devices such as the LH100, LH90, and XPA can take advantage of any available momentary functions once set up by a LH100.

The Set-100 is ideal for those users who enjoy the greater precision of push button control or for those that want the most features.

The MSRP for the Set-100 is $540.00.