MRC Prodigy Wireless DCC System

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Prodigy Wireless is a complete, handheld control system for model railroading that does everything that MRCÂ’s Prodigy Advance2 can doÂ…and moreÂ… and does it totally wirelessly.

MRC’s solid platinum reputation for sophisticated, user friendly DCC technology is evident in the advanced performance of this unique system. Unlike some other systems, Prodigy Wireless lets the hobbyist program, acquire and run all the locomotives and accessories without the chore of plugging in & unplugging. Whenever a locomotive needs to be programmed, our exclusive “Program CV on the Main” button lets you change locomotive characteristics on-the-fly. This lets the model railroader spend less time on a programming track, and more time operating the railroad. With its built-in capability of delivering all 28 NMRA functions, and upgradeable to 100 functions, Prodigy Wireless effortlessly delivers the total control and full mobility and benefits that only MRC’s complete, full function, duplex radio control system can deliver.
Total control & complete programming means just thatÂ…

  • Program, acquire and run your locos & accessories from a wireless handheld, just like wired
  • No need to plug & unplug every time you want to program a loco
  • Easy to use & program
  • No special receivers to install inside locos
  • Wireless & wired Prodigy Advance throttles can be used simultaneously, side-by-side
  • Plug into system console to rechargeÂ… continue complete control even while charging
  • Rechargeable battery & built in charger included
  • Built-in voltage display to monitor battery voltage
  • Range , up to 80 ft. What's more, you can use up to 32 handhelds at one time. Together, these features make this an ideal wireless system for large club layouts

MSRP is $629.98. (Picture courtesy of MRC.)

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