QSI Titan A Sound Decoder

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QSI Titan "A":

"Atlas Style" configuration

For a list of available sound files click here. Be sure to give us the name of the file you would like to have loaded on your decoder when you check out.

QSI’s New “Titan” DC/DCC Sound & Power Decoders

Break the Stereo Sound Barrier!

  • True Stereo or Conventional Mono, the Ultimate in Sound Realism
  • User Adjusts Pitch Shift, System and Chuff
  • Patented Super DC and DCC Operations
  • Low and High Voltage Lighting Power
  • Custom Advanced Sound Processor
  • Super Smooth 1 SMPH Low Speed
  • Supports Patented Dirty Track Ops
  • Manual and Programming Resets
  • Separate Dual Prime Movers
  • 10 Lighting Function Outputs
  • Separation of Highs & Lows
  • Automatic Sound Scenarios
  • 64 Total Sound Channels
  • Prototypical Braking
  • Hi Def Sound Quality
  • 2 Amp Operation
  • 2Yr Guaranty

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