Digitrax DCS100 5 Amp Command Station-Booster

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  • Model: DCS100
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  • Manufactured by: DIGITRAX

The DCS100 is a combination DCC Command Station & Booster. The DCS100 operates as the command station and main system booster on a Digitrax LocoNet system. (It is the command station-booster for the Super Chief set.) It can also be used in conjunction with your computer if you choose to do so.

The DCS100 accepts throttle input from any LocoNet throttle (DT400 series, DT300 series, DT100 series, DT200, UT2, UT1, UT4,  BT2, Computer throttle, LocoPalm Throttle.

  • Control over 9000 locomotive addresses!
  • Read-Write programming.
  • Separate output for programming track.
  • up to 999 separate switch addresses.
  • Customizable fast clock
  • Opps mode programming

MSRP is $285.00. (Picture courtesy of Digitrax, Inc.)