Ladder System; Turnout HO Curved Diverging, RH #5B, 14-813

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  • Model: ME14-813
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  • Manufactured by: MICRO ENGINEERING

TURNOUT HO SCALE CODE 70, #5B #14-813 Right Hand

#5b Curved Diverging Track Turnout;
This turnout is different from a standard #5 turnout in that it has a curved Diverging Track and without the additional four ties at the Point End of the turnout.

How or where to use;
1. For space saving yards, the #5b Curved Diverging Track Turnout is the turnout used most often as the first turnout of a ladder track coming off the mainline. This is because the Curved Diverging Track effectively increases the ladder track angle from 11.42 degrees of a standard #5 turnout to 16.2 degrees. This allows longer body tracks for the same layout space.
2. Connecting a series of #5b Curved Diverging Track Turnouts, of the same hand, easily forms a pinwheel yard.
3. The #5b Curved Diverging Track Turnout can be used anywhere a larger Diverging Track angle is needed.  

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