Ladder System; Turnout HO Lead Ladder, LH #5C, 14-814

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  • Model: ME14-814
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TURNOUT HO SCALE CODE 70, #5c #14-814 Left Hand

#5c Lead Ladder
This turnout is a shortened turnout, ending just past the frog and guard rails at the Frog End of the turnout. The ends of the Through Track and Diverging Track have effectively been removed. This allows the next turnout to start just pass the frog, in effect creating overlapping turnouts and thus saving space. The Point End of the turnout has the normal three ties.
How and where to use

  1. The #5c Lead Ladder turnout is generally used as the second turnout in a ladder track, after the turnout coming off the mainline. It is also the opposite hand from the first ladder turnout.
  2. Point End: When connected to a #5b turnout, the track spacing between the mainline and the first body track is 2-1/2 inches.
  3. Frog End: A #5d or #5e turnout, of the same hand, must be attached to the Frog End of the #5c turnout.
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