DCC Specialties PSX4 Circuit Breaker for 4 Districts

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  • Model: PSX4
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PSX-4 for Four Power Districts:

All Solid State Operation: Fast, solid state design with reliable quiet
actionÂ….no clicks or sparks.
Adaptive Load Reset: Electronically determines if the overload is a real short or due to excess
capacitance in sound decoders or lighted passenger cars.
Boost for Low Power Systems: Some low power DCC Systems boosters need a boost when resetting.
Adding this jumper helps reset low power output systems.
Auto Stop with CV Reset: A photocell input can detect a train in the reverse section and turn off power. A DCC
command can then restore the power.
Block Detection: Either a photo cell or current can be used to detect a train in a block. The photocell
can turn off the block. A DCC command can then restore the power.
Over Voltage Protection: If there is an over voltage on the track caused by a DCC System
failure or other power inputs the PSX will shut down and protect decoders
Wide Range of Current Trip Setting: The currents can be adjusted over a range of 1.27 to 17.8 amps.
Values can be set either with CV settings or Jumpers.
Very Low Voltage Drop: Breaker On resistance is less than 0.060 ohms, so the PSX has a low voltage
drop even at high currents. Much better than detectors that use a diode voltage drop.
Manual or Automatic Reset: Automatic reset of the breaker after 2 seconds. A switch can be used for a
manual reset.
Power On/Off by DCC: Turn on/off output track power with your DCC Throttle!
Outputs for LED Indicators: LEDs can be added to monitor the input/output power and the status.
System Reset:

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