NCE Power Pro, 5 Amp, DCC System

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  • Manufactured by: NCE

The Power Pro System features: (Call for price.)

  • Full advanced master series command station capability. That adds:
    • Operation with up to fifty cabs
    • 6 Loco recall feature for all cabs
    • Expanded macro capability (switch lists)
    • Built in PC port
    • Duplex wireless allows all operations in the wireless mode
    • Fast clock or time function
  • Revolutionary Pro Cab(tm) Operation.
    Not available with any other DCC Systems. The Pro Cab(tm) feature has three distinct benefits:
    • The thumb wheel speed control is a digital encoder.
    • Yard Mode: Allows the thumb wheel encoder to be used simultaneously to control both speed and direction as follows: Rotating the thumb wheel up will give you forward at increasing speed. Rotating the thumb wheel down will reduce speed back to a full stop and then reverse direction with additional increases in reverse speed. This yard mode feature will provide the yard operator with precise switching control because speed and direction are controlled simultaneously with one motion. All other DCC systems require separate controls for speed and direction. The Pro Cab feature is user selectable so you can change to two controls for speed and direction for normal ops.
    • Recall Mode: The Power Pro and Pro Cab(tm) features also benefits single operator multiple (up to 6) locomotive usage. Using the 6 slot recall feature of the Power Pro System, one operator can control up to 6 locos at once and toggle between locos with each loco maintaining its speed and direction independent of thumb wheel position. Prior to Pro Cab(tm) the recalled loco would respond to speed and direction command for last loco. This would result sometimes in "Cornfield" operations. 

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