Digitrax UR92CE Duplex Radio-IR Tranceiver for Europe

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  • Manufactured by: DIGITRAX

UR92CE Duplex Transceiver/IR Receiver Unit The UR92 is a Duplex Transceiver/IR receiver unit. The UR92CE looks similar to a UP5 and is mounted in the fascia of the layout. The UR92CE is simply an addition to your existing LocoNet so no additional wiring is needed. The UR92CE will support dozens of DT402D Duplex Radio throttles in Duplex wireless mode and can support approximately 10 Infra-Ready throttles simultaneously. For Europe.

* Simplex Infrared Receiver For Digitrax
   Infra-Ready Throttles

* Duplex Radio (UR92), Simplex Radio (UR91)
   and/or InfraRed (UR90) Wireless Can Be Used
   Simultaneously On Any LocoNet Layout

* Range Is Approximately A 300 ft Diameter Circle

* Supports Up To 20 Digitrax Duplex Throttles
   At The Same Time

* Group Name Feature Allows Multiple Clubs To
   Run Independently In Close Proximity At Train
   Shows and Exhibitions

* Operates In The 2.4 GHz Band

* Only One UR92 Is Needed To Run Duplex On
   Most Layouts

MSRP is $165.00. (Picture courtesy of Dingitrax, Inc.)