Cobalt Stall Motor Switch Machine

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  • Model: Cobalt
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  • Manufactured by: DCC CONCEPTS

Cobalt Switch Machine:

While it is only 45% of the physical volume of its nearest competitor, it has a much higher gear ratio, superior throw strength and far greater stability than any other similar product at the end of throw.

Even at its maximum, at recommended voltages it draws only 30mA yet it works well at 6v and very, very strongly at anywhere between 9 volts... and 15 volts DC.

Cobalt can be powered via a small “wall wart” type power supply and it can be switched by standard latching type switches, short term power such as pushbuttons or it can even be automated simply via use of DPDT relays.

Cobalt is totally comfortable with DCC decoders and any of the low power “stall type” accessory decoder with reversing power ability can be used. Additionally, by adding diodes, AC output DCC decoders with adequate supply voltages and adjustable pulse length can be used.

This power supply versatility, combined with very high gearing and variable fulcrum make it as tough or as gentle as it needs to be yet allows it to remain far more stable than any other turnout motor at the “end of throw”... whether the power is left on constantly or turned off once the work is done.

  • 35mm x 27mm mounting footprint
  • Cobalt is smaller yet much stronger.
  • Cobalt is quieter and more robust:
  • Cobalt is voltage tolerant & low current.
  • Cobalt is very, very versatile in use and includes two SPDT switches.
  • Cobalt has a positive but gentle and almost totally silent Action.
  • Cobalt is easy to install.
  • Cobalt needs NO soldering.
  • Installation template available
  • Cobalt is incredibly reliable.
  • MSRP is $21.95.