Lenz LS100 Acssessory Decoder

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  • Model: LS100
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  • Manufactured by: LENZ

 The LS-100 control 4 snap action switch machines or any other on/off device. The duration of time that the outputs are on are controllable. The LS100 contains feedback for each output.

Size: Length = 3.5", Width = 2.5", Depth = 1.0"
Controls 8 outputs (4 groups of 2): User Settable Address for group of 4 turnouts or signals. The time on duration for each group of outputs can be set independently


To use the LS-100  to control bi-polar switch machines (Such as a Tortoise, Kato or LGB) an auxiliary output module is needed. The LA010 output module can be used for this purpose.

MSRP is $99.95.

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