Quite a few years ago I became interested in changing the control system of my HO "Ohio Division" of the New York Central railroad from traditional DC operation to Digital Command Control (DCC). I had purchased a couple of Broadway Limited's sound equipped locomotives so already had the beginnings of a collection of DCC equipped engines. I began to shop the internet for information and the best deal available. I eventually settled on equipment made by Digitrax because of its excellent value and reputation. I ordered my starter set and power supply and, eventually, various decoders and accessories, all of which functioned flawlessly on my layout. As I worked with the different components of my new control system I was amazed at how much more enjoyable and prototypical it was to “run my trains rather than my track”!

Eventually, I had an opportunity to purchase the remaining DCC inventory from a hobby shop that was closing down and began selling it through Ebay auctions and an Ebay Store. I enjoyed that experience greatly and decided after a time to open my own internet store which you are experiencing at this moment.

Soon, I was joined in the business by my wife, Nancy, who takes care of much of the office work and helps with shipping and many other important tasks. Our goal is to provide the best products, along with top quality service, to the model railroading community around the world.

Welcome to our store and come back often!

John & Nancy Thut,

DCC Hobby Supply