Tam Valley Dual Frog Juicer/Auto-Reverser/Circuit Breaker

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  • Manufactured by: TAM VALLEY DEPOT

DCC Dual Frog Juicer / Auto-Reverser / Circuit Breaker:

For all DCC systems including NCE PowerCab. The Dual Frog Juicer board can be configured to use as an automatic polarity reverser for two frogs, or a reversing loop, or a turntable, or a wye, or a crossing. A Dual Frog Juicer can also be used as a circuit breaker to control a power district (with the bonus it will reverse polarity if needed). It uses the same basic design as the Tam Valley Depot Hex Frog Juicer but has 33 Amp transistors so it can be used with multi-unit lashups and 10 Amp boosters. Setup is simple, connect the input to the DCC track bus, and connect the output wires either to two frogs or two rails. A jumper controls whether the two outputs act as a pair (i.e. an auto-reverser) or independently (i.e. a pair of frog juicers). Another pair of jumpers controls the current set point for switching, either 2 Amps or 4 Amps. When used for frogs or crossings generally 2 Amps work best and for an auto-reversing application, 4 Amps generally works best.

MSRP is $39.95.(Picture courtesy of Tam Valley Depot.)