Tam Valley DCC Booster for Accessories and Power Districts

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DCC Booster for Accessories and Power Districts:

This DCC Booster was designed to solve two issues that putting a lot of DCC accessory decoders on your layout brings up. 1) They are a drain on your precious loco amps and 2) When a loco causes a short all the accessories lose power.  To solve this problem we have made a DCC booster that can be used for accessories on any brand of DCC system.  It can provide about 5 Amps of power to run the DCC accessories independent of the track power from your command station.  During a short on the layout, when the DCC signal dies, the booster continues to deliver full power.  This is a so-called "dumb" booster in that it does not need a cab bus - it connects directly to the track output of your existing command station.

You can also use the booster as a "powered circuit breaker".  It fills all the functions of a circuit breaker but provides its own power.  Each of your power districts puts no load on the command station as it is fully buffered. Example: I use several of these with a 16 V power supply (see on same page), which gives about 14.5 Volts on the track, to power a layout with just a single NCE PowerCab.

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