TCS A6X Decoder with 1.5 V Voltage Regulator

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  • Model: TCS1001
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  • Manufactured by: TCS (TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS)


The A6X is a drop-in replacement for the locomotive light board. It has the standard 12 volt supply for 12 to 14 volt bulbs and also has an on board 1.5 volt regulated power supply to directly hook up 1.5 volt bulbs without the need for dropping resistors. This is very useful for Athearn Genesis series locos and Life-Like Loco's that come equipped with 1.5 volt bulbs!  It is a Six-function Quiet Drive decoder with Dither (digital pulse power),  BEMF and comes standard with all  "X" series features .

  • 1.3-amp continuous motor drive
  • 2.0-amp peak motor drive
  • BEMF
  • Six 200 ma function outputs
  • Length: 2.860"
  • Width: 0.680"
  • Height: 0.145"                                 
  •  Goof-Proof Warranty as always. One-year no-questions-asked replacement warranty, handled entirely by TCS.

All this for $44.95 MSRP !                 Picture courtesy of TCS.