Cobalt "IP Digital" Stall Motor Switch Machine 12-Pack

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  • Model: DCPCB12DiP
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  • Manufactured by: DCC CONCEPTS

Cobalt "IP Digital" Stall Motor Switch Machine 12-Pack:

Introducing Cobalt-iP Digital – Cobalt-iP Digital is a new Cobalt DCC-on board product that adds on-board DCC control to the very best features of Cobalt Classic-Ω and Cobalt -iP to create the best ever digital-ready point motor.

With Cobalt-iP Digital, you can have your cake and eat it too, because it is 100% ready to go in digital format, yet it will also allow you to have a classic control panel with a choice of either one or two push-button switches per turnoutÂ… Super low current draw means you can use complex pre-set routes using the abilities already built in to most quality DCC control systems with no need to add anything else!

  • 35mm x 27mm mounting footprint
  • Cobalt is smaller yet much stronger.
  • Cobalt is quieter and more robust:
  • Cobalt is voltage tolerant & low current.
  • Cobalt is very, very versatile in use and includes two SPDT switches.
  • Cobalt has a positive but gentle and almost totally silent Action.
  • Cobalt is easy to install.
  • Cobalt needs NO soldering.
  • Installation template available
  • Cobalt is incredibly reliable.

MSRP is $399.99.