DCC Specialties PSXX2 Circuit Breaker For 2 Districts

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DCC Specialties PSXX2 Circuit Breakers

 PSXX-2 DCC Solid State Power District Circuit Breaker, 2 Block, 0-10 Amps/Block.*

The PSXX is designed to specifically handle low power starter systems:

NCE Power Cab
Digitrax Zephyr

The PSXX has a default trip rate of 2.0 amps

The PSXX series has the most reliable operating features that protect model railroad equipment and wiring from damage during a short circuit, including fast-acting, solid-state electronics.

The Power Shields are available in 1, 2, and 3 circuit-breaker models, allowing you to divide the output of a single booster into independent power districts.
  • The PSXX circuit board is wired between the DCC system’s booster and the track bus.
  • The PSXX includes screw terminals for easy connections from the booster and to the track. There is also an extra pair of terminals for linking the booster power input wires to additional PSXX breakers should you need to add extra PSX protected power districts.

The PSXX series is a product of Larry Maier's years of research and experience into problems dealing with false overloads that cause premature shut down of DCC Boosters and other Circuit Breakers. These false overloads are caused by large capacitors used in sound systems, decoders and lighted passenger cars. The overload appears as a short circuit until the capacitors are charged. The PSXX Series determines if the load is a true short or just an overload due to a discharged capacitor.                                  

Advanced Circuit Design limits current to selected current value before circuit opens regardless of severity of fault
  • Current Limiting will charge sound decoders without exceeding booster current capability
  • Default Current Limit/Trip Current 2 amperes will work correctly for most layouts.
  • Select Trip current values 1 – 10 in integer steps (1, 2, 3, …., 10) using CV 49
  • Jumper Select Current limits of 1, 2, 3, or 4 amperes
  • PSXX circuit boards are perforated with score lines so you can physically separate and divide PSXX-2, & PSXX-3 into individual PSXX-1 units if needed.
  • Power On/Off by DCC: Turn on/off output track power with your DCC Throttle!
  • Manual or Automatic Reset: Automatic reset: Breaker tries to reset every 2 seconds. Manual reset: Once the breaker trips, it remains off, ensuring complete isolation of the faulty block. The breaker is reset either by a switch or by a DCC command.
  • All Solid State Operation: Fast, solid state design with reliable quiet action.
  • Adaptive Load Reset: Electronically determines if the overload is a real short or due to excess capacitance in sound decoders or lighted passenger cars.
  • Auto Stop with DCC Reset: A photocell can be connected to a PSXX input. Normally, covering the photocell will not cause any action. If the photocell is armed with a DCC command, the PSXX will turn off the next time the photocell is covered. A DCC command can restore the track power when desired.
  • Photo Cell Controlled Block Power Off: Stop position control and occupancy detection for hidden tracks.
  • Block Detection: Either a photo cell or block current draw can be used to detect a train in a block and to trigger a Block Occupied output. The current trigger level is programmable.
  • Block Occupied Trip point can be automatically set to compensate for current flow in unoccupied block
  • Very Low Voltage Drop: Total breaker on resistance is less than 0.060 ohms, so the PSXX has a very low voltage drop even at high currents. Better than detectors that use a diode voltage drop.
  • Programmable Power Up Status: When power is applied to the layout, the PSXX can be set to always turn on, always remain off [power on as needed by DCC command], or to use the power status present when the layout was last shut down.
  • Outputs for LED Indicators: Remote LEDs can be added to monitor the input/output power and the status.
  • Network Feedback: Isolated outputs designed to provide Block Occupied, Block Shorted, and Power Status to a discrete interface for remote display or computer control. Will work with Digitrax LocoNet, NCE Cab Bus, ESU ECoS, and Lenz XpressNet interfaces.
  • System Reset: CV63=42 sets all CVs and addresses to original factory values.
  • Output for Audio Alert: An audible sounder can be added to the PSXX to provide an audible alert if there is a short.
  • No Power Supply Needed: The PSXX uses the track DCC power to supply its operating power. Each PSXX draws less than 0.04 amperes.
  • Easy to Install: With 4 mounting holes sized for a #6 screw.
  • Flash Programmable: The PSXX firmware can be updated by Tony’s Train Exchange as new features become available or if older units need to be matched to a recent purchase.
  • Discrete Input allows on/off control of track voltage for yard or other track section isolation. Compatible with any system that has a relay or isolated transistor control output including LCC, WiFi, etc. or can be used with manual toggle switch.
  • 4 Indicator LEDs: Booster power (green), Block power (green), Block shorted (red), Block current limiting (blue)
  • +5V and Ground Outputs for powering LEDs, no resistors needed
  • Power On Status can be on, off (yard or staging sections), or status at power down.
  • DCC Accessory command control on any Accessory address 1 – 2042.
  • Protected by U.S. patent numbers 7810760, 7810761, 7810435.


!!! DCC Specialties is so confident about the PSX's quality and performance that they are providing a 1-year "Goof Proof Warranty"!!!

The PSXX Circuit Breaker uses a new advanced design to provide a new level of over-current protection for your layout. Before the advent of the PSXX, all circuit breakers used a simple low resistance switch to turn of the current if it exceeded a set value. The layout is protected, but for the time between the onset of the short and the output switch turning off, the fault is connected directly across the booster terminals affecting all blocks connected to the booster. The booster will supply up to its maximum current trying to maintain the track voltage. Currents as high as 48 amperes can result, depending on your booster and wiring. The large current draw then means there is no current left for any other block even if they are protected by their own circuit breakers.

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